About Us

About Our Company

At Shafi Gluco Chem, we are deeply committed to preserving the environment and ensuring that our entire production process is ecologically safe.

We pride ourselves on being a company that continually leads. We have been granted with following certifications:

  • HACCP and ISO 9002 certification from the UKAS
  • Kosher certification from OK
  • GMA-Safe certification
  • Organic certification from Control Union

Shafi Gluco Chem is Pakistan’s leading producer and exporter of rice syrups and rice protein. We have been supplying our high-quality natural sweeteners and proteins globally since 2003.

Our Mission

At Shafi Gluco Chem we empower our employees through better understanding of food & safety and continuous optimization of the process, which results in the transformation of resources into the highest quality rice syrups and rice protein.

We believe in continuous improvement of our quality and food safety management system to increase its effectiveness, and by doing so we contribute to the mutual business and personal success of all stakeholders.

Aggressively producing the sweet things in life, Shafi Gluco Chem is deeply committed to safety, quality, integrity and excellence in everything we do.

Our History

Shafi Gluco Chem is a sister concern of the Shafi Group. The Shafi Group, with its annual turnover of over $100 million is one of the most recognized groups in the business of leather, leather garments, specialty chemicals, food and textiles in Pakistan. The group has 11 manufacturing units spread all over Pakistan.

We protect and enhance the Shafi Group’s reputation for excellence in quality products and services. This constant pursuit of excellence has made us the premier producer and exporter of rice syrups and proteins in Pakistan.

The Shafi Group was established in 1959 with Muhammad Shafi Tanneries. Since then, the group has grown from strength to strength and is recognized as a leading light of Pakistan’s industrial community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Shafi Gluco Chem, along with its group companies, is committed to the realization of its corporate social responsibility through community philanthropy. Within the organization, Shafi Gluco Chem aims to foster a culture of care, trust and continuous learning while meeting the expectations of its employees and improving the quality of life of our workforce. For the community at large, Shafi Gluco Chem contributes towards an educated, healthy and safe Pakistan. Shafi Gluco Chem generously contributes to improve the standard of literacy, basic health facilities and a cleaner environment.

Shafi Gluco Chem with its Group of Companies very actively participates in education of the less privileged in our society. The Group has taken this task upon it as as a personal mission and has set up Colleges and Schools to provide education totally free or at an affordable cost to the under-privileged. Group’s contributions towards education are as below:

The Muhammad Shafi Trust was established in April 1991 with head-office at Shafi House 35-A/3, Lalazar, Karachi. Four institutes are running under the trust as Non-Profit organizations:

a) Muhammad Shafi Educational Complex, established at Sher Shah Near Urdu Bazar, Karachi.

b) Green Crescent & Shan-i-Islam Iqra Project, established in 1998 at Gulberg-III, Lahore, which comprises of:

i) 90 Schools in province of the Punjab.

ii) 30 Schools in province of Sind.

The schools under the project provide education and books free to about 10,000 students of all age groups.

c) “ CARE ” School Systems: The Group is one of the sponsors of “CARE” (Cooperation for Advancement Rehabilitation & Education) established at Waris Road, Lahore and comprises of 81 Schools, more than 1000 teachers and about 116,000 students. The Shafi Group also gives scholarships to 200 deserving students each year.

d) Siddiq Shafi Girls Govt. Degree College: The Group has established in the home town of its Directors, a campus for a degree-awarding College in Chiniot (Punjab). This is a purpose-built campus erected for the education of poor community. The College was handed over to the Government of Punjab for proper administration.

Zakia Begum Iqra Primary School:

This is a purpose-built campus totally financed and freely run by the Shafi Group at Gulberg Town, Factory Area, Sheikhupura (Punjab). All books, Tuition Fees, and other administrative expenses are borne by the Directors of Shafi Group.


On the Platform of Muhammad Shafi Trust, the Group also announces scholarships to talented and deserving students of different colleges and universities in Punjab and Sind province. Shafi Gluco Chem also provides financial and material assistance to a large number of government schools which are working in remote areas in the district of Lasbella. To help improve working conditions of women in the country, Shafi Gluco Chem has operated stitching training centers where women learn the arts to earn for their families. Besides this, Shafi Gluco Chem contributes significantly by paying the education fees of children of its workers.

Health and Community: Shafi Gluco Chem is very sensitive towards health conditions of its workers as well as community. We have provided a Sports Room and Gymnasium in its plant site where workers can do physical exercise and play games to stay fit and healthy. Each year, Shafi Gluco Chem also initiates inter-departmental sports, namely Shafi Memorial Sports Festivals, where indoor and outdoor competitions provide a very healthy environment to its employees. Trophies are given to the winning teams of these contests.

Shafi Gluco Chem extends its medical facility beyond First-Aid and Social Security and goes for the reimbursement of medical treatment and maternity expenses incurred to families of workers. Besides this, Shafi Gluco Chem each year donates funds to charitable institution and hospitals like, Shoukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital (Lahore), Agha Khan Hospital (Karachi), Gulab Devi Chest Hospital (Lahore), etc. for the cure of patients of cancer, tuberculoses and HIV/AIDS.

To raise the standard of living of community members, SGC extends interest-free loans on a need-basis to workers. It also provides discounts in financing the traveling facilities to the workers. Furthermore, SGC also gives monthly stipends to deserving persons like widows, ill, and poor students to help them in their needs and raise the standard of their living.

Over the years, Shafi Gluco Chem has striven to fulfill not only its business ambitions but also its social obligations.