Feed Grade Organic / conventional Rice Proteins

Feed Grade Organic / conventional Rice Proteins

Shafi Gluco Chem produces a wide range of Rice Protein concentrates for the specialty foods markets as well as for the animal feed industry. Its natural hypoallergenic property, combined with easy digestibility, make Shafi Gluco Chem’s rice proteins the ingredient of choice for a wide range of applications in the health foods industry. All Shafi Gluco-Chem rice proteins are produced using GM-free rice and most are available as Certified Kosher and Certified Organic.

A light color combined with bland taste and smell allows formulators greater flexibility in final product flavoring and coloring. There are several protein concentrations available, from protein contents of 40% to up to 70%. At Shafi Gluco Chem, we are committed to consistently developing new products and offering customer specific, tailor made rice protein products. If you have a specific requirement not available elsewhere, its likely Shafi Gluco Chem can produce it for you.

Parameters Organic Rice Protein 50%
Form Powder
Protein % 48-52
Moisture 6.0 max
Certifications Kosher / ISO9001 / FSSC22000 / NOP & EU / GMP+ B2
Technical Data