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What is the difference between Maltodextrin and Syrup Solids?


Maltodextrin and Syrup Solids   Maltodextrin and syrup solids are mixtures of glucose polymers that are a product of controlled hydrolysis of starch sources. Hydrolysis is a chemical, enzymatic process to break down starch. They are closely related; however, they are differentiated using the Dextrose Equivalent DE. Dextrose Equivalent   […]

by BlogApril 15 2022 Powdered glucose What Is Sustainable Agriculture?


There is a massive gap between the production of food and the demand. This exists due to the inefficient management of resources that are needed for food production. Due to this reason, the idea of Sustainable agriculture was introduced. The objective is to fulfill society’s need for food in the […]

by BlogJanuary 27 2022 Commonly Used Sustainable Agriculture Practices


With the environment deteriorating at an alarming rate, all agricultural practitioners should collectively transition towards sustainable agriculture practices. Sustainable practices inculcate environment preservation, economic well-being as well as social prosperity. These methods focusing on the long term are nothing but farming that reduces the use of chemicals, conserves energy, water, […]

by BlogJanuary 27 2022 Commonly Used Sustainable Agriculture Practices What is Sustainability?


What is Sustainability The concept of Sustainability goes back around 30 years. It was first introduced in the Brundtland Report produced by several countries for the UN in 1987.   In the Charter for the UCLA Sustainability Committee, Sustainability is defined as:  “The integration of environmental health, social equity, and […]

by BlogJanuary 19 2022 What is Sustainability? How Can Sustainability Improve Our Environment?


The basis of sustainability realizes that the resources available on Earth are exhaustible. Therefore, it is integral for all humans to manage the resources rationally to maintain them in the long term for all the generations to come. This will prove to be for the good of the Earth, our […]

by BlogJanuary 19 2022 How Can Sustainability Improve Our Environment?
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