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How is Rice Syrup Dried?


Spray Rice Syrup Dried Rice Syrup Solids are spray-dried white powders formed from all natural Rice Syrups. These dried solids contribute functionality by providing sweetness, as well as body and mouth feel without affecting the overall taste of the product. They also make excellent bulking agents and carriers for flavorings, […]

by BlogApril 27 2022 Rice Syrup Dried Vegan Honey – You got it!


With the consistency, taste and appearance just like honey, Brown Rice Syrup can be termed as Vegan Honey. What is Brown Rice Syrup? Brown rice syrup is derived from cooking brown rice with some natural non-GMO enzymes. These break down and convert the rice’s starches into sugars such as maltose, […]

by BlogApril 26 2022 Vegan Honey Rice Syrup- The True Korean Rice Syrups


Korean Rice Syrups Korean rice syrup is also known as Mulyeot or written in Korean as물엿. This is a very popular liquid sweetener extracted from Rice. It is commonly used in Korean culture to sweeten their dishes and give them a shiny look. This syrup comes under many names as […]

by BlogApril 26 2022 Korean Rice Syrups Maltodextrin for Dummies!


What is Maltodextrin? Maltodextrin for Dummies! Maltodextrin is obtained from any starch resource such as corn, potato, wheat, tapioca, or rice. It is a white powder that comes from these natural products after undergoing an enzymatic process. Manufacturers carry out an enzymatic conversion known as Hydrolysis to make maltodextrin. It […]

by BlogApril 26 2022 Where to find Rice Syrup Maltodextrins: The Elixir for Industrial Formulations


The Elixir for Industrial Formulations,, Maltodextrin is used in several industries as a flavor carrier, bulking agent, and spray-drying agent. It is a significant source of carbohydrates and osmolality control. It is easy to digest and can provide instant energy. In food products, maltodextrin powder can help thicken food and […]

by BlogApril 26 2022 The Elixir for Industrial Formulations
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