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Korean Rice Syrups

Rice Syrup- The True Korean Rice Syrups

Korean Rice Syrups

Korean rice syrup is also known as Mulyeot or written in Korean as물엿. This is a very popular liquid sweetener extracted from Rice. It is commonly used in Korean culture to sweeten their dishes and give them a shiny look. This syrup comes under many names as part of the Korean tradition.


Oligodang Syrup, also known as oligosaccharide, is widely used to sweeten and thicken dishes in Korean cuisine. This syrup is also made from Rice. Oligodang Syrup has a similar viscosity and comparable sweetness to honey – but importantly, it has a neutral flavor. That is why it is regularly used to sweeten stir-fried Korean dishes like Myeolchi Bokkeum (stir-fried anchovies) or Korean-Style Yangnyeom Fried Chicken – to name just a few.


Ssal-jocheong is also a type of Rice Syrup with rich dark brown color. It is used in Korean cuisine as a natural sweetener and adds a shiny glaze to dishes. It is made with rice and barley malt powder. Sprouted barley has an enzyme called amylase that makes this syrup sweet. Rice syrup is thick and dense and has a rich, earthy, subtly grainy flavor, much more distinctive than sugar or corn syrup.



Hangwa (한과) describes any dainty confection made by kneading a grain or grain flour with a sweetener mostly Rice Syrup. They’re steamed or fried, then frequently coated in dried fruit, seeds, and nuts. Tasty as they are, they’re not always easy to find.

The earliest written account of hangwa consumption stretches back to the Three Kingdoms Era – Silla, Baekje, Goryeo. At the time, hangwa were the sweet fare of the royal class in times when fresh fruit was unavailable during harsh winter harvest seasons.


Yeot is a type of hangwa (한과), a Korean sweet that is known for being a good luck charm in the Korean culture. It also defines a range of traditional confectioneries made with ingredients rich in starch mainly rice. The ingredients may differ depending on the region, but the preparation method is usually the same. To make yeot, the main ingredient selected is steamed Rice, lightly fermented with malt, then squeezed to separate the liquid. The liquid is simmered in a large pot called a sot until the liquid has syrup consistency. This syrup is called jochung, a liquid form of yeot. Jochung is used in various dishes instead of sugar or honey. When jochung is spread on a large surface and hardened, gang yeot is made. Sometimes additional ingredients such as nuts are added to gang yeot. Gang yeot is often too hard to consume as it is, so people often shave it or break it down into smaller pieces.

Korean Rice Syrup is one of the main ingredients that are found in almost every rich Korean food. It is popularly used in both sweet and savory dishes.