Organic & Conventional Maltodextrins & Rice Syrup Solids

Organic & Conventional Rice Maltodextrins, Oligodextrins and Syrup Solids

Rice maltodextrin is a popular rice derivative that is hygroscopic in nature and available in a white, nonsweet powder form. It is made up of nutritive saccharide polymers that consist of D-glucose units linked primarily by alpha-1-4 bonds, having a DE less than 20. Rice maltodextrin is formed by partial hydrolysis of rice starch with natural enzymes followed by an addition of heat-stable enzymes that make up the final product. Maltodextrins are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) as direct human food ingredients at levels consistent with current good manufacturing practices.

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Rice Oligodextrins are commonly used rice-based sweeteners that share similar properties with rice maltodextrins. Rice Oligodextrins are derived from rice starch and consist of a chain of polymers that have a slow breakdown period, resulting in a slow steady release of energy in the body. The processing involves use of enzymes, with the final product being an off white colored powder. It is the same as rice maltodextrin except the protein content is more than 0.5%.

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Syrup Solids
Rice Syrup Solids are derived by applying an enzymatic process to rice starch, resulting in a pale colored powder that has properties similar to maltodextrins. They are defined by the FDA as dried glucose syrup in which the reducing sugar content is 20 DE or higher.

These products are produced by an agglomeration process that increases particle size and lowers bulk density compared to standard products. They are easily dispersed into water for ease of use in quick dissolving beverage mixes. The low density is ideal to provide bulk in high intensity sweetener blends. They can also carry limited quantities of oil without losing their physical form or flow properties.

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