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Rice Syrup Dried

How is Rice Syrup Dried?

Spray Rice Syrup Dried

Rice Syrup Solids are spray-dried white powders formed from all natural Rice Syrups. These dried solids contribute functionality by providing sweetness, as well as body and mouth feel without affecting the overall taste of the product. They also make excellent bulking agents and carriers for flavorings, spices, sweeteners, and pharmaceuticals.


Spray Dried Maltodextrins and Syrup Solid

If the rice syrup of DE 5-19 is dried, this powder is given the name of Maltodextrin. If the DE is higher than 20, then this becomes a Syrup Solid. DE or Dextrose equivalent measures the amount of reducing sugars present in a sugar product.

Spray Dried Rice Syrup Solids are created by the enzymatic conversion of rice flour to a sweet liquid extract, filtered, and run through a spray-drying process. The resultant product is a bulking agent and promotes instant solubility. It also serves as an effective carrier for sweeteners, gums, spices, and seasonings. Spray Dried Rice Syrup Solids are used in bakery premixes, sports beverages, confectionery, salad dressings, dry soups, diet, and light products.


The Mechanism?

The spray-drying mechanism is based on moisture elimination using a heated atmosphere to which the feed product is subjected. The process may be described by three major phases – atomization, droplet-to-particle conversion, and particle collection.

A solution is pumped to an atomizer, breaking up the liquid feed into a spray of fine droplets. Then, the droplets are ejected into a drying gas chamber where moisture vaporization occurs, resulting in the formation of dry particles. Finally, using an appropriate device, the dried particles are separated from the drying medium and collected in a tank. The chamber is temperature-controlled to turn the liquid into solid. The main idea behind this process is to remove all kinds of moisture present in the rice syrup.


Need of Spray Drying Liquids

Spray drying is often employed in the food and pharmaceutical industries for producing powder forms of various products. It involves spraying the solution containing the compounds of interest into droplets, subsequently drying in hot air.