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Rice Syrup

Rice Syrup:

Rice Syrup, sometimes referred to as Brown Rice Syrup, Rice Malt Syrup or simply, Glucose Syrup, is a vegan and gluten-free functional sweetener that is used in a variety of applications. ShafiGlucoChem provides you two variants of the Rice Syrup; Brown Rice Syrup and Clarified Rice Syrup. While, first is a caramel to light amber color in shade and is made from brown rice, the latter is made from white rice and is pale-colored. In addition to this, what makes rice syrup a perfect substitute to sugar is the light buttery texture and honey flavored notes.

Rice Syrup is prepared by fermenting Rice Flour with non-GMO enzymes. This disintegrates the natural starch content of Rice into a mixture of simple and complex carbohydrates. The mixture is then filtered to separate the solids from the liquid. Once filtered the solution is then boiled to evaporate the moisture until a thick, viscous consistency of the syrup is reached.

Having a viscous consistency, our rice syrup are simple, cleaner and are used for different functionalities in foods and drinks. Some other common uses of rice syrup include:

  • In baking it helps to control moisture, regulating browning and adding to the texture of the product. Commercial Bakeries use rice syrups for pies, cream fillings, éclairs & other baked goods.
  • In beverages and confectionery, it controls crystallization, manages sweetness, regulates browning and provides a source for sugar fermentation.
  • In Ice Creams, Rice syrups not only prevents crystallization but also imparts a smoother texture.
  • It also binds various ingredients together making it an ideal sweetener for energy bars.
  • In Pharmaceutical industry, rice syrup serve as the base to formulate several liquids like elixirs, tonics, cough syrups, and more, since it provides a moderate sweetness level as compare to sugar.

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Specification Table

Product Syrup Color Dextrose Equivalent % Total Carbohydrates g/100g Glucose (g/100g) Maltose (g/100g) Technical data
Brown Rice Syrup 28 DE Brown 27-33 98.5 2-10 9-17 icon
Brown Rice Syrup 42 DE Brown 38-44 98.5 9-17 13-21 icon
Brown Rice Syrup 60 DE Brown 58-64 98.5 27-35 34-42 icon
Clarified Rice Syrup 28 DE Clear 27-33 98.5 2-10 9-17 icon
Clarified Rice Syrup 42 DE Clear 38-44 98.5 9-17 13-21 icon
Clarified Rice Syrup 60 DE Clear 58-64 98.5 27-35 34-42 icon
Rice Maltose Syrup 45 DE (Brown) Pale 42-48 98.5 3-11 42-50 icon
Rice Maltose Syrup 45 DE (Clarified) Clear 42-48 98.5 3-11 42-50 icon


Rice Syrup is made from an enzymatic process using GMO-free natural enzymes whereby rice is filtered and concentrated to a syrup. It can be brown (extracted from brown rice) and clarified (extracted from white rice).
Brown rice syrup is made using brown rice flour using non-GMO natural enzymes. The syrup extracted has a caramel brown color with honey flavored notes.
Clarified Rice Syrup is made using white rice as a base using GMO free natural enzymes. The sweet liquid produced is then boiled and reduced down into a syrup. Clarified Rice Syrups are lighter in taste, flavor and color compared to Brown Rice Syrups.
Sugar profile of our syrups can be seen in the specification sheet above.
Rice Syrup either brown or clarified is used just like any other sweetener. Its unique functional properties makes it suitable for a whole variety of products. From gum to jellies, from confectionaries to bakery products, from beverages to pharmaceuticals, everyone loves Rice Syrup. In place of honey, maple syrup, or agave, Rice Syrup shines in dressings and sauces, glazes for protein and roasted vegetables, or as a simple syrup base in cocktails. From baking perfect cakes and cookies to tossing it on granola bars to add the toasty notes, rice syrup is perfect for every use.
Rice Syrup goes with different names as per different geographical nomenclatures. Some of the common names are: Glucose Syrup, Korean Rice Syrup, Rice Glucose Syrup etc.
Rice naturally is gluten free hence the syrup is gluten free too. The enzymes used for the process are also 100% gluten free making Rice Syrup an ingredient of choice.
Rice Syrup is a low FODMAP sweetener derived from enzymatic treatment of brown rice. The natural extraction process with the ease of digestibility positions Rice Syrup in low FODMAP ingredients list.
Korean traditions and cuisines as rich as they are uses rice syrup as a natural sweetener and to add a shiny glaze to dishes. Korean Rice Syrup or Rice Syrup are basically the same. Rice syrup goes with different names based on different geographical locations.
Brown rice syrup is a 100% vegan sugar substitute derived from brown rice using natural enzymes.

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