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Everything to Know About Versatile Gluten Free Rice Flour

Rice Flour 

Rice flour is made using finely milled, ground grains. Rice flour is generally believed to be better than wheat flour for individuals with sensitive digestive systems. It is also used to thicken some recipes during cold storage as it helps prevent the separation of liquids.

Rice Flour Production Process

Firstly, there’s a removal of objects, such as straw, stone, tree stump, and snail shells, from the paddy and prevents dust from getting mixed in the whitened rice for the enhancement of the value of rice flour as well as to prevent malfunctioning of the following process due to the mixing of dust.

Further, we rub the rice husk off of the paddy. For the husking, two different rubber rollers are installed in the machine. The rubber rollers here allow the bran layer of rice to be preserved, which prevents it from being oxidized during processing.

Once the rice is removed from the husk, it is treated through the ventilation process.

A paddy separator separates rice, by applying a difference in gravitational pull and surface friction. The unpolished rice, then, is re-husked.

Lastly, a variety of roller milling machines are used to separate and reduce rice into smaller and smaller particles. In our opinion, the gradual mill is the best mill for milling.


The Health Benefits of Rice Flour


Rice flour has a variety of health benefits including:

  • It is gluten-free, so it is a good choice for individuals who suffer from gluten intolerance.
  • This is rich in insoluble fibers, which keep the digestive tract in perfect shape. A high-fiber diet is beneficial for controlling blood sugar, improving heart health, and getting regular bowel movements.
  • Rice contains high amounts of calcium making it a good source of calcium for building and maintaining strong bones and skeletal health.
  • White rice flour is rich in choline which reduces the formation of fat in the liver.
  • It helps you keep your liver healthy.
  • Aside from being rich in minerals, rice flour provides a natural immune response boost.
  • Rice flour has high protein, which makes it an excellent ingredient when looking to gain muscle mass.
  • Rice flour is a natural exfoliant; it has a rough texture. With regular use, this product softens and removes dead skin cells from your skin’s surface.
  • A second cosmetic usage of rice flour is available through the application of face packs and masks, which can offer daily skin tightening to get rid of dark circles.

Baking with Rice Flour

White rice, brown rice, and sweet rice flour are excellent options for gluten-free bakers. The flour is made from rice which causes the flour to be visually distinguishable by its color. There are two key characteristics of rice flour.

  • Although the milling process affects the flour, it isn’t the same in every brand. These milled flours are acceptable.
  • Rice doesn’t absorb as much liquid and fat as wheat. This often causes cookies to become soggy and cakes and muffins to become oily. Allow the mixture to rest for 1-3 minutes for better hydration, and to get a better result.

Frying with Rice Flour

As protein content increases in wheat flour, the crust will be more hearty, as more gluten is present in the batter. With the incorporation of protein, the thicker the bread dough will be, and the more firm the crust will be (bread flour has 12-16 percent protein).

This is why all-purpose flour is commonly used. It contains moderate protein content. The addition of added flours helps the batter adhere to food without producing a crumbly or oily crust. However, too much of an ingredient can make the batter a tough crust, and too little can make it fragile.

To reduce the amount of gluten present in batters, wheat flour is combined with low or no-gluten flours such as cakes/pastry flour (7-9 percent), corn starch, and rice flour. Rice flour and cornstarch tend to fry up more crisply than wheat flour.

They absorb less oil during the frying process than their competition, making the product less greasy. The reason why rice flour is commonly used for making tempura is because of the dry and crisp crust it produces.


In terms of flour, the quality of the rice grains is what is most important. Since rice is grown in stagnant water with pollutants like pesticides. Therefore, you must choose organic rice flour and rice. Organic rice, rice flour, and rice bran all taste a lot better than their inorganic competitors.

If you want to learn about the nutrition, health benefits, and uses of rice flour, then you must learn more about the premium rice flour by Shafi Gluco.

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