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Broken Rice – What is it?

Broken Rice – What is it?


A popular type of white rice is Broken Rice, also known as (Com Tam), which is served with many Vietnamese dishes. Often it is seen with egg meatloaf, grilled meats, pickles, and salads. However, what exactly is broken rice, and how does it differ from regular white rice? Are there any recipes to try? We will figure out these questions in this article.

The name itself indicates that the rice grains are “broken” or fractured during the production process. The broken grains are considered substandard; thereby, they are separated from whole grains and sold as a “Broken Rice.” One might think that the rice grains are shattered, not providing the essential value for money and having any benefits. But there is nothing wrong with this rice other than the grains are scrappy rather than a whole and has the same chemical composition as white rice. When consuming as a food, it is energetic, as it contains many carbs in it, fueling the body.

It is suitable for all types of livestock due to its rice caloric content and low fiber values. It is used in the steeping industry, where it is assorted with barley. It is also used in the making of arak (distilled, colorless drink, and aniseed-flavored), and is a raw material for rice flour, used in breakfast cereals, baby food, sake, and canned and prepackaged foods. However, this version is considered a common type of rice and is often less expensive than whole grain rice like Basmati rice or brown rice.

Taste and Texture of Broken Rice

This form of rice is white rice, in its broken form, so the taste is the same as white rice. The rice can have various textures because of the shorter grains and reliant on cooking. If cooking with a nominal amount of water, it has a risotto, nutty-like texture. But on the other side, if the water quantity is high, the rice becomes sticky and fluffy, like glutinous rice.

Broken Rice Recipes

Apart from making numerous recipes to cook a great meal using broken rice, you can also use it in the following ways:


Broken Rice Porridge

Does rice porridge sound appeal to you? Well, you can use it to make a complete filling meal. The fragments are smaller in size and are absorbed well while making a pot of porridge. Jasmine rice is normally used for this oatmeal due to its variety in texture and taste. To make it flavorful, you can mix it up by adding some coconut milk, cinnamon, or even fruits.


Rice Flour

Those who are going on a diet and looking for gluten-free foods, rice flour is an excellent option for them. Broken rice is a good choice for making rice flour because it is already fragmented down.

Soak the rice for up to 6 hours so that the grain becomes even softer. Dry the rice grains using paper towels and then mill the rice. Using a spice grinder or any other equipment of preference and crush several times so that the texture and consistency are just right.


Various Meals

Finally, you can use broken rice to make delightful recipes ranging from the Vietnamese staple, Com Tam, or Italian rice balls. This rice is naturally glutinous and nuttier, which is essential in the binding of the rice kernels for the perfect result after frying.


Broken rice consists of pieces of rice kernels that are broken during harvest, transport, or milling at Shafi Gluco Chem. These fragments of broken rice are mechanically separated from debris, sorted into sizes, and classified as white and brown rice variants. Their soft appearance makes it easy to simmer and absorb flavors, making them ideal for feed-based and food-based applications.

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