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Kisaan Khushal Program (Farmers' Prosperity Program)

Kisaan Khushaal (Farmer Prosperity) Program

Believing that farmers are an integral part of our supply chain, Shafi Gluco Chem introduced the Kisaan Khushaal or Farmers’ Prosperity program. The aim of this program is to holistically approach sustainable rice production by covering all three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

Kisaan Khushaal’s theory of change calls for the transformation of rice production, catalyzing the movement towards sustainability in two spheres: farm and farmers. At the basic level, the implementation of the global sustainable and organic principles contributes to increased farmer knowledge and skills, improved farming practices, and creation of a community that shares best practice and encourages continuous improvement. This, in turn, contributes to outcomes of optimized input use; optimized farm productivity; enhanced water quality, soil health and biodiversity; and improved labor conditions, health, and safety for farmers, workers and their families. We expect that as we see these benefits reach thousands of farmers across Pakistan we will see measurable progress toward our envisioned impacts of sustainable livelihoods, an enhanced environment, and good quality of life for our Rice producing communities.