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Kisaan Khushal Program (Farmers' Prosperity Program)


Kisaan Khushaal Program (Farmers' Prosperity Program)

Ask us more about the Kisaan Khushaal Program that positively impacts our rice farmers.

At Shafi Gluco Chem, we believe our farmers are an integral part of our supply chain. Therefore, we believe in their training and development, which includes guidelines for sustainable agriculture. This is part of our Kisaan Khushaal Program (Farmers’ Prosperity Program) that focuses on the training and development of our farmers and their families.

Shafi Gluco Chem has the highest number of certified fields in Pakistan with complete traceability from farm to product. Our fields rely on crop covers and modern farming techniques to control crop disease and weeds. We also control pests by using disease-resistant crop varieties while inhibiting biological controls.

Such measures, when combined with our advanced crop management techniques, reduce our dependence on pesticides and chemicals. We also use organic manures, green manures and compost as well as crop rotation to preserve and improve soil health. This is imperative, since we primarily focus on growing Organic rice. Our measures help us improve the soil, resulting in better nutrients and ability to retain water.

Training also helps our farmers stay abreast of cultivation and water management techniques. This allows us to cultivate the highest crop yield while using minimum water. Not only does this conserve resources, but helping farmers build upon their skills helps us utilize their abilities to their maximum potential.