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Sustainable Farming

Sustainable Farming

Farmlands cover more than one-third of the earth’s land surface and are the most vital ecosystems to sustain human kind. While supplying us with food, fodder and fiber; these arable fields and pastures are also home to various flora and fauna. Yet the way we are using these lands is exhausting their vitality. Intensive ploughing and cultivation practices, excessive use of chemical fertilizers, rigorous utilization of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides, disproportionate use and eutrophication of water bodies have all resulted in increased soil erosion, reduced agricultural productivity, degradation of the ecosystem and amplification of hydrogeological risk.

At Shafi Gluco Chem we ensure that the raw materials sourced for our sweeteners and proteins come from a sustainable supply chain, committed to fair labour practices and environmental protections. We work, train and evaluate partners that have adopted holistic green approaches. This guarantees a consistent supply of sustainable rice and tapioca from the ground up. Combined with our stringent quality control checks at all levels, our products help us pave the way towards making a global impact and ultimately setting an example for the industry.