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Tapioca Maltodextrins

Tapioca Maltodextrins

Tapioca Maltodextrin is a commonly used food additive which is produced by putting tapioca starch through a partial hydrolysis. Maltodextrins contribute functionality by providing sweetness, as well as body and mouthfeel without affecting taste. They also make excellent bulking agents and carriers for flavorings in spices, sweeteners and pharmaceuticals. The complex carbohydrates in these powders provide a slow, steady release of energy into the bloodstream, making them perfect for snacks. Our Tapioca Maltodextrins range from as low as 5 DE to 19 DE.

SpecificationsTapioca Maltodextrin 5 DETapioca Maltodextrin 10 DETapioca Maltodextrin 14 DETapioca Maltodextrin 18DE
Dextrose Equivalent (DE)3-87-1311-1716-20
Total Carbohydrates g/100g92.592.592.592.5
Glucose (DP1) g/100g0.5-
Maltose (DP2) g/100g1.5-
Other Carbohydrates g/100g898884.579-85
Dry Solid Substance%93-9793-9793-9793-97
Moisture %3-73-73-73-7
Gluten (PPM)NillNillNillNill
Technical dataiconiconiconicon


  • Energy shots
  • energy drinks
  • Non-dairy frozen treats
  • tablets
  • spices
  • powdered beverages
  • beers
  • lagers
  • sauces
  • condiments
  • baked goods
  • desserts etc

More about Tapioca Maltodextrin:

Tapioca Maltodextrin is sold in powdered form, and has the ability to prevent separation of oil and water. When mixed with oil, Tapioca Maltodextrin can create a base for multiple spreads, oils, and fruit stabilizers. Moreover, since Tapiocas are naturally allergen-free and Non-GMO, it makes them an ideal applicator for infant-grade products. Tapioca Maltodextrins improve mouthfeel, texture and can even help stabilize a product, and their structure makes it easy to combine and spray with emulsifiers, fortifiers, and different flavors.


Benefits of Tapioca Maltodextrin:

  • Digestible
  • Allergen-free
  • Certified Vegan and non-GMO
  • Halal and Kosher
  • Available in multiple variants