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Shafi Gluco Chem's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Hub, a small industrial town located approximately 30 km from Pakistan's largest city, Karachi. Here, we produce the highest quality rice syrups and proteins for exporting all over the world. Go through the steps below to see how our process works.



Rice is transferred from our climate controlled silos to our milling section in order to produce rice flour.



The rice flour is mixed with a predetermined weight of cold water to prepare slurry. A controlled amount of alpha-amylase enzyme is then metered into the slurry for the subsequent hydrolysis of the rice starch.



The liquefied slurry is pumped into a set of plate & frame filter presses where the protein cake is retained in the filter and the liquid effluent (rice solubles) passes through the filter and is collected in a receiving tank. This stage marks the separation in



The resulting syrup is then passed through energy efficient evaporation systems that are run under very high vaccum conditions. This concentrates the syrup and prepares it for the final stage.



The Rice Syrup from the vaccum evaporators is pumped into a batch holding tank that is equipped with agitationto ensure lot uniformity. The final product is then packed into either 275-Gallon IBC Totes (plastic bag in corrugated box) or 55-Gallon HDPE Drums.


Quality Assurance

A fully automatic and unexposed means of analysis during production, periodically counter checked by our Quality Control experts, ensure a consistent quality of our syrups and solids. In-house R&D is where the real strength of Shafi Gluco Chem lies. We employ a dedicated group of engineers and scientists to be continuously involved in R&D work for process development while analysing ways to widen our portfolio even further.

Through our rigorous R&D efforts, Shafi Gluco-Chem aims to become one of the most diversified producers of cereal derivatives in the world.