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Types of Proteins Used in Animal Feed


Animal Feed is an important factor in the nutrition of the animals and to keep up with the growing global demand for meat, dairy products, wool etc. The modern feed is developed by carefully selecting and combining ingredients to provide highly nutritious diets that both sustain animal health and improve […]

by BlogAugust 11 2020 How Rice Protein in Animal Feed Can Help Improve Their Health


Introduction Rice Protein is widely used as livestock feed. This rice protein promotes livestock growth, improves feed efficiency, protects the animals against disease, and also reduces costs. Feed grade rice protein is important for cattle, poultry, aquatic livestock, pig, duck, etc. in the feed industry and in stock breeding. Rice […]

by BlogAugust 6 2020 How Sweeteners Can Help Boost Immunity Against COVID-19


Sweeteners are defined as food additives that are used or intended to be used either to impart a sweet taste to food or as a tabletop sweetener. Low-calorie sweeteners offer many benefits for end-users, psychological as well as physiological. Health practitioners and customers are of the opinion that low-calorie sweeteners […]

by BlogAugust 1 2020 How Rice Milk Can Boost Your Immunity Against COVID-19


Introduction Rice milk is a form of dairy-free grain milk made from boiled rice. This is usually made from brown rice and remains unsweetened. Rice milk is popular among vegetarians, as it contains no by-products from animals. It is also common among lactose-intolerant people because it is dairy-free. Rice Milk […]

by BlogJuly 30 2020 How Rice Protein Can Boost Your Immunity Against COVID-19


Introduction of Rice Protein  Most of us think of rice as a carbohydrate-rich diet. Yet rice also contains a significant amount of vegan, gluten-free protein. Rice protein is typically generated by treating brown rice with selected enzymes that separate the carbohydrates and protein. The protein can be extracted and results […]

by BlogJuly 25 2020