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Need help developing your product? Get one of our free samples and start right away!

Need help developing your product? Get one of our free samples and start right away!

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Distinguishing Factors of Shafi Gluco Chem’s Protein Feed

Taking care of animals is a business that is entirely different. Those that farm animals or raise them know this. Shafi Gluco Chem knows this. You cannot apply the methodologies you do elsewhere into building care for farm animals. There are various needs of farm animals that require being catered to. SGC helps with providing high-quality, protein-based feed to its farm-raising vendors.

You can choose to feed your animals with whatever you please. What you need to know is that that should not be your plan of action. Going with the do-as-you-please approach can seemingly be very easy, it can lead to adverse consequences if you are not careful. Care for your animals with the care they deserve, hand in hand with SGC.

Factors of SGC Protein Feed

Here are some distinguishing factors of Shafi Gluco Chem’s Protein Feed that set it apart from the rest.

Easy, Harmless Consumption

The protein used in the making of our powder-form feed is a derivative of the same high-quality rice base used in our food-grade products, albeit reinforced with some other ingredients. Once it is ready in its final form, after having through a number of processes and sub processes, the powder form produced is highly utilizable. It is easy to consume. Moreover, it is harmless. Most farmers feed their animals with raw food material that are not only hard to chew and swallow, but also are pointy at the edges. There have been incidents where animals have injured themselves trying to cut such raw food into half as the pointy edges have known to scrape the insides of their nostrils and poke their eye balls.

Consuming feed in its powder form is comparatively a lot easier than having your animal battle with feed that is raw, then chewing and swallowing it.

Odorless, Easy to Store

Since our feed is processed, it undergoes a number of different processes that render it odorless. Many animals are known to sniff their feed before consuming it. This is how they determine whether it is something they are used to or whether it is something they should consume—so it is basically recognition by smell; sniffing to see. If pleasant enough, farm-raised animals will consume whatever offered. It will be easier for them if you had something pleasant.

Also, since the powder is, well, powdery and odorless, it makes quite easy for it to be stored. Something that can prove to be quite problematic for raw, unprocessed food. Even while stored remotely, you would be surprised at the amount of smell that can accumulate in enclosed storage places.

Healthy and Nutritious, Unlike Many

Since the feed is made with contents that are nutritious and healthy for animals to begin with, the final product—having been reinforced with a lot of different and necessary nutrients, is twice the nutritious and healthy than it was pre-process. This feed is clinically and experimentally proven to aid animals in obtaining the nutrition they deserve. With healthy teeth and bones, stronger immunity, and enhanced physical activity, your raised animals will prove to be twice as productive.

Diversely Applicable

What really makes Shafi Gluco Chem’s protein feed stand out from other feed products is its diverse applicability. SGC’s feed is multi-faceted in function. Its most noteworthy feature is that it is used in the making of growth supplements, something not directly related to animal farming. Most antibiotics, this may not be known to many, use a powder base as its core ingredient, one that is already naturally infused with protein. Meaning our powdery, rice-based feed qualifies and is also used in the making of various antibiotics. Furthermore, it can also be used as a substitute for soybean or fish meal, also as a base for additives.

Shafi Gluco Chem’s products are multi-purpose; they are impactful beyond what they are conceived for. Much like our other products, our protein feed also has a number of USPs that make it well-distinguishable among others. The feed is harmless in consumption, safe and easy to consume. Since reduced to nothing but full-of-nutrition powder, it is also rendered odorless, opening room for a lot of other conveniences such as storing and much easily fed animals. Our protein feed is nutritious and healthy, as is advertised. Summing up, it has a number of other applications in areas not directly related to animal feeding and raising.

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