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Need help developing your product? Get one of our free samples and start right away!

Need help developing your product? Get one of our free samples and start right away!

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How Rice Protein in Animal Feed Can Help Improve Their Health

How Rice Protein in Animal Feed Can Help Improve Their Health


Rice Protein is widely used as livestock feed. This rice protein promotes livestock growth, improves feed efficiency, protects the animals against disease, and also reduces costs. Feed grade rice protein is important for cattle, poultry, aquatic livestock, pig, duck, etc. in the feed industry and in stock breeding.

Rice Protein for Animal Feed

Rice protein meal is used mostly for animal feed. The rice protein meal that is a by-product of rice starch is nutritionally rich. Rice protein meal plays a vital role in helping the animals develop and battle the disease. Rice protein meal as a healthy supplement to animal feed, helps the animals grow stronger and feed more. 

We should make sure, in particular, that rice protein meal is a required ingredient for animal fodder. We should also allow the best use of the protein meal in rice. For one thing, rice protein meals can relieve the limited marine source burden. For another rice protein meal, feed efficiency can be improved, feed cost reduced and livestock growth encouraged. Perhaps that is why more attention is paid to this.

Benefits of Rice Protein in Animal Feed

Feed grade rice protein is rich in protein that is produced by biological fermentation. It proves to be a great source of protein for the livestock and is cost-effective and can be widely used for animals. Rice protein feed grade comes with plenty of advantages, aside from being a great source of animal protein. 

It is easy to digest and its palatability increases animal feed intake. Having an amino acid balance in all livestock is essential, and rice protein of feed grade helps in that. It also plays an important role in increasing the effectiveness of preserving the environment and encouraging animal development. It’s a great cut on feed, above all, and you can substitute a portion of fish meal, soybean meal, or whey powder with rice protein grade feed.

Rice gluten meal is the dried rice residue after starch removal and bran separation via the process used in the manufacture of syrup or glucose for wet milling. The color of this rice protein meal is bright and yellow, it is generally used as a poultry feed because it contains an above-average amino acid profile, added vitamins, and high protein content, and it can help the poultry increase their anti-virus activity, developmental activity, and food calling.


Rice Protein for Animal Feed by Shafi Gluco 

The Rice Protein by Shafi Gluco is an excellent animal feed alternative to reduce ration cost, substitute portions of costly soybean meal and di-calcium phosphate and thus reduce feed costs for farmers and feed producers.

The Features Includes;

  • Rice Gluten is poor in amylase and thus an excellent source of easily digestible protein.
  • Rice Gluten contains high levels of amino acids and proteins and is suitable for animals with allergies to corn and wheat.
  • Rice Gluten is high in methionine, which is an amino acid required for proper feathering.
  • It has no rancidity and no toxicity.
  • In livestock dietary protein requirements rice gluten is used successfully.


  • Units producing poultry feed
  • Units producing aquaculture feed
  • Units for the processing of cattle feed
  • Swine Food


Shafi Gluco’s feed grade rice protein powder is used predominantly in livestock and poultry farming. Brown rice protein benefits: It is rich in nutrients for feed, which has the function of promoting disease resistance to animals and poultry. It has strong digesting power and food-feeding impact on boosting livestock and poultry growth and development, ensuring demand for livestock and aquatic animals.

At the same time, it enhances feed supply, decreases some protein as energy intake, serves the objective of saving protein, increasing feed efficiency, reducing feed costs, and fostering animal growth and development. It is an important commodity in the animal feed industry.

If you are looking for rice protein powder for an animal feed then, Shafi Gulco offers such products with the highest quality and nutrition at a cheap price. We are one of South Asia’s leading producers and suppliers of animal rice protein feed, send in your queries to us (bulk quantity available).

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