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Need help developing your product? Get one of our free samples and start right away!

Need help developing your product? Get one of our free samples and start right away!

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Medical Benefits of Tapioca

Healthy food choices are now a trend. While doctors and nutritionists have been, since the inception of modern medicine, prescribing such a lifestyle, people have only now stumbled upon it and its significance. As the proverbial saying goes, it is better late than never. However, it might not always be the case when matters like your health and well being are involved.

Shafi Gluco Chem has a wide array of cereal ingredients, its portfolio composed of constituents that are healthy and nutritious. Each has a unique selling proposition of its own. While this may be true, SGC takes great pride in its Tapioca derivatives: a cereal ingredient that has the most to offer.

What could be termed as an ultra-refined variant of all of Shafi Gluco Chem’s best, our Tapioca, both in its solid and syrup form is a nutrition-rich produce that has a number of applications. It best is known for its medical benefits for which it is often used in herbal remedies and pharmaceutical medicine.


Some of our Tapioca’s medical benefits are being elaborated over below.  


Much like all of Shafi Gluco Chem’s products, our Tapioca derivatives are, as well, a hundred percent allergen-free. This gives it room to be more adaptable in a number of procedures, manufacturing and otherwise, that require for the end product to be free of allergens. A certain number of products made are those that have been made with ingredients not necessarily allergen-free. These may cause for there to be a number of dermatological conditions, among an impressive list of others. Tapioca, however, used wherever provenly proves to be safe.

Choosing healthy and staying so are two different alternatives. Knowing the difference between both is essential. Our Tapioca syrup and syrup solids provide itself up for substitution for a number of non-allergen-free ingredients out there and it would be wise to take it up on its offer.


Another selling point of our Tapioca derivatives is that they are highly digestible. This results in effective consumption of food material, unlike many others that end up being underutilized by the digestive system. In fact, tapioca makes it easy for all of its nutrient-richness to be properly absorbed in each and every digestive process, such is its composition. Little by little, from the buccal cavity through to the esophageal tract, later ahead, tapioca’s nutrients are absorbed and fully utilized.

As is customary after proper digestion, every other bodily process directly connected with said process goes seamlessly. This itself comes with medical benefits of its own. Meaning tapioca-based consumption, which is healthy and nutritious (the wiser choices to begin with), leads to processes that yield medical benefits of their own.


Tapioca is the perfect weight-gaining agent for underweight individuals. Those wanting to gain weight quickly main consume tapioca-containing or tapioca-based diet. Providing around 544 calories and 135 grams of carbohydrates, one cup alone of tapioca infused in your diet is bound to do wonders.

Gaining weight is all about increasing, albeit in a balanced way, your carbohydrate intake. Balancing the content out also entails you adding tapioca separately to other dishes. Once you have done your math, and your calories are neither too less nor are they too much, you are good on your way to gaining weight. You will, obviously, need to mathematically take all this into consideration.

You can easily add tapioca to dishes such as puddings, porridges, muffins, cookies, ice-cream sandwiches. Do note that each of these dishes will entertain a specific “form” of tapioca.   


Packed with a steady source of calcium, tapioca, then, naturally acts like a bone and muscle density assist. Unit wise, ever 100 grams of tapioca contains around 71 grams of calcium. This bodes well for the lactose intolerant, vegans, and those who would rather not prefer any sort of dairy-based products. Milk, knowingly to us all, is the biggest source of calcium available and tapioca provides sound substitution for it. Since we are talking substitution, tapioca, then, has other benefits, too, that complement increase in bone and muscle density growth.

Along with strengthening your bones and adding to your muscle mass, tapioca consumption will also aid your body in terms of cardiac health, stronger nerves. When paired up with vitamin D, studies suggest that it can also provide stronger immunity against cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. This is, however, circumstantial at best.


Trans-fatty acid, called trans fat more often as it comes out easier, is an unsaturated fatty acid that comes into being by rigorous hydrogenation. It is found mostly in margarines and foods with high oil content. Rarely needed by the body, high levels of this compound can be harmful to the human body. Nutritionists, hence, prescribe, trans fat eliminators so that they never find home and build up.

There are various ways to eliminate Trans Fat. One way is to consume produces that contain tapioca derivatives as they are low in sodium, something that aids in trans fat elimination. This can be done by directly or indirectly consuming tapioca. Trans fat can be very harmful. It causes spiking cholesterol levels which may lead to heart conditions. Skin conditions such as acne are also caused by increased secretion of oil from the sebaceous glands.

Trans fat elimination should be a top priority.   


Tapioca is rich in iron. Iron is an essential mineral our bodies require to properly function. It forms the base for all hemoglobin, protein that is a constituent of the red blood cells that carries oxygen around in the entire blood network. Tapioca’s iron-richness helps you do well, blood-health wise. Stronger heart, skin, nails, and bones are only a few health benefits that come packaged with iron. All this with tapioca consumption.

The same rules apply to tapioca consumption for availing iron as the rules above. You need to balance out the iron content with the rest of your meal so as to avoid over consuming the nutrient.  

Shafi Gluco Chem’s Tapioca derivatives are nutrient rich and has several medical, bodily benefits that you would wise to avail. Available in many forms, choose the type that goes with your meal, should you choose to indirectly consume it. Direct consumption can be made anyhow. SGC’s tapioca is allergen-free, rich in calcium, iron, and low in sodium. It is highly digestible and helps gain weight quicker than most weight-gaining agents.

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