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Need help developing your product? Get one of our free samples and start right away!

Need help developing your product? Get one of our free samples and start right away!

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Rice Protein Application in Livestock and poultry

Rice Protein Application in Livestock and poultry


Rice protein meal is commonly used for feeding livestock and poultry. It is very rich in nutrients and is a by-product of rice starch. Being a healthy additive to livestock feed, it also strengthens the animals and increases their appetite.

Enriched with nutrients including glutamic acids, UGF, arginine, methionine, etc., this rice by-product is a massive source of protein and is cost-effective as well. It contains an ample amount of protein.

Rice Protein improves your livestock’s health:

Rice protein meal plays a crucial role in animal growth, health, and disease control. Not only is it necessary for stockbreeding for chickens, pigs, cattle, livestock, cows, etc. but it is also a very cheap alternative to the traditional diet.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and play an essential role in each part of our body. Rice protein, in its organic form, is readily digestible and abundant in amino acids. Proteins help the animals to be active and to remain healthy.

Easily digestible and accepted by the livestock due to its palatability, it helps in achieving an amino acid balance for your poultry animals. The perfect balance of amino acids results in the healthy growth of your livestock. It is an excellent alternative to the typical and expensive livestock diet, like fish meal, whey powder, soybean meal, etc.

Best Rice Protein Manufacturer?

Many producers of rice protein provide different qualities of rice protein in the market. It is prudent to do market research and read consumer feedback before buying the actual product to understand which company has the most positive reviews as it will help you in selecting the perfect brand.

Shafi Gluco Chem offers an outstanding quality of Rice Protein. The protein derives from the high-quality food-grade rice base, which is more fitting for herbivores due to minimal processing. The end product is a slightly yellowish powdered product with no smell.

SGC’s Rice Protein is also tasteless so that your livestock and poultry will easily consume it. Combined with ease of digestion, Shafi Gluco Chem Rice Protein’s hypoallergenic properties make rice protein a perfect selection.

Final Words:

Rice Protein is widely used for livestock and poultry as a feed since it contains high protein vitamins, has a fantastic amino acid profile. It can improve your livestock’s health, protect them against viruses, and increase their food calling activity.


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