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Need help developing your product? Get one of our free samples and start right away!

Need help developing your product? Get one of our free samples and start right away!

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Shafi Gluco Chem and Corporate Social Responsibility

Shafi Gluco Chem and Corporate Social Responsibility

Shafi Gluco Chem is an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of cereal ingredients and cereal-based derivatives. Over the years, Shafi Gluco Chem, having fallen short for Gluco Chem and SGC, has built strong ties with its clients and a loyalty that is, to this day, unparalleled. SGC takes great pride in its portfolio of products that are both delivered as is promised and is diverse, providing great product assortment and variation. From solids, ranging from tapioca, flours of different origin and types; to liquids such as maltodextrin and specialty products such as Rice Milk, Shafi Gluco Chem has it all.

Apart from product manufacturing and delivery, the Shafi Group, which encompasses Gluco Chem, is involved in other projects that contribute to the well being of society as a whole. Corporate Social Responsibility, otherwise known as CSR, is essential to every business as it is to SGC. Corporate entities, those doing well, need to be able to share their success with as much of society’s aspects as possible. Not only does this result in the collective betterment of the economy, but it also is a testament to the fact that the business is creating impactful change.

Corporate Social Responsibility Projects

The Shafi Group has a number of Corporate Social Responsibility projects underway. Some are under making, some are already flourishing.


Education, to many, is solely a business that, if invested in with a certain amount, brings in a certain return that sustains other of your prospects. To Shafi, it means something else entirely. The future of our nation is in our hands. And the Shafi Group is proud to have taken up the mantle.

Muhammad Shafi Trust

An educated and healthy society is the kind that can ensure the utmost sustainable development. A nation itself has a character and only an academically sound environment can nourish said character. Taking these beliefs into heartfelt consideration, the Shafi Group established the Muhammad Shafi Trust in the month of April 1991. This trust has been constructed and is supervised by the Muhammad Shafi Shafi Educational Complex in Karachi City, Pakistan, offering Primary till Secondary education. Apart from these, the Shafi Trust also provides technical education to around a thousand enrollees absolutely with no costs incurred. This helps increase employability as technical education is quite in demand in the country.

Zakia Begum Iqra Primary School

Another one of the Shafi Group’s academics-based CSR initiatives is the Zakia Begum Iqra Primary School which, as the name suggests, provides primary education from grades 1 to 5. The school is a purpose-built campus that is self-financed and run by the Shafi Group in Gulberg Town, Sheikhupura City, Pakistan. At Iqra, with a free-of-cost admission comes a fully provided paraphernalia of books and school uniforms. All other expenses of its students, such administrative expenses, are borne by the directorate of the Shafi Group.  

Muhammad Shafi Trust Scholarships

Not being able to afford an education is no excuse to not receive any. The Muhammad Shafi Trust, hence, announces scholarships to deserving, talented students in various cities of the Punjab and Sindh provinces in Pakistan. Apart from individual awards, the trust also aids a number of government institutions remotely functional in areas of the Lasbella district.

The trust also has a stich-and-train center for women and young girls which enables them to become employable.


Shafi Gluco Chem is deeply invested in the health conditions of its workers as well as those of the community. This is why Shafi Gluco Chem extends its medical facilitation far beyond that of first-aid and social security and promises medical reimbursements for the medical treatment and medical expenses that occur of its workers and their families.

On a yearly basis, SGC donates to a number of charitable organizations such as institutions and hospitals like Shoukat Khanum Memorial, Aga Khan Hospital, Gulab Devi and many others. SGC has been of regular contribution to the aid of patients afflicted with cancer, tuberculosis, and AIDS.

Saeeda Naseem Shafi “LRBT” Eye Hospital

In collaboration with the Layton Rahmatullah Benevolent Trust, the Shafi Group launched the Saeeda Naseem Shafi “LRBT” Eye Hospital in Chiniot City, Pakistan. With the eradication of blindness and other eye ailments as their motto, this hospital provides state-of-the-art and comprehensive, costless eye-care for anyone who sets foots on their premises.


Shafi also puts initiatives like Sports Festivals and indoor and outdoor competitions which provide a healthy environment to its employees. Trophies are given to winning teams. Also, to raise the standard of living in the community, SGC provides interest-free loans for exclusively a need-only basis to its workers. Traveling and other costs are sometimes borne by SGC for some employees and workers.

Green Crescent Trust

The Shafi Group has entered into a collaboration with the Green Crescent Trust in the provision of water and better sanitation to people living in water-deprived areas. Clean water entails a healthier community, more income generation, and education for entire populations. This trust has generated, successfully, 650 water projects with over 190,000 beneficiaries and it strives to install additional water projects, collectively, in all 2,300 villages of Tharparkar, Pakistan.

Concluding, Shafi Gluco Chem is very much involved in corporate social responsibility apart from its manufacture and distribution of its cereal-based ingredients and products. Help Shafi Gluco Chem and the Shafi Group make even more of a difference. Order your sample from the SGC product portfolio and witness the richness.

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