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Rice Maltodextrins VS Other Maltodextrins: Brief Comparison


The food industry usually refers to corn-based products when referring to maltodextrins. But in addition to the legally defined corn and potato versions, some ingredient manufacturers also produce “maltodextrins” from other starch sources which have additional benefits such as rice and tapioca. Being naturally gluten-free and Non-GMO Maltdextrins from Rice […]

by BlogMarch 30 2021 Rice Maltodextrins VS Other Maltodextrins: Brief Comparison Maltodextrin and Your Workout Routine


As you see the term “Maltodextrin,” you might think that you have never heard of it, and it is just a complex term that has nothing to do with your daily life. However, if you would check the ingredients list on any random five food items, it is guaranteed that […]

by BlogMarch 25 2021 Maltodextrin and Your Workout Routine 10 Functionalities of Maltodextrins


COMPOSITION AND STRUCTURE OF MALTODEXTRIN The chemical structure of maltodextrins falls somewhere between the complex polysaccharide chains of starch and the simpler molecules of syrup solids or sugars. They do consist of a mixture of different saccharide polymers by the hydrolysis process. Even those products with the same Dextrose Equivalent […]

by BlogMarch 21 2021 Functionalities of Maltodextrins Applications of Maltodextrins in Pharmaceuticals Industry


Much like in the food industry, in pharmaceuticals, maltodextrin acts as a filler. Capsules often contain maltodextrin since it neither adds nor detracts from the medicinal content while stabilizing the drugs. Maltodextrin which is obtained by partial hydrolysis of starch is water-soluble, non-sweet product due to which it is used […]

by BlogMarch 17 2021 Maltodextrins in Pharmaceuticals Industry Applications of Maltodextrins in Food and Beverages


Through advances in science and technology, the knowledge on the (functional) application possibilities of Maltodextrins in food and beverage products has improved significantly during the last 20 years. Due to their specific functional properties and easy applicability, Maltodextrins can substitute sucrose or fat and are being used in ice cream, […]

by BlogMarch 12 2021 Applications of Maltodextrins in Food and Beverages