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The Farmer Prosperity Program

Pakistan is mainly known for agriculture. It plays a vital role in producing overall economic growth while also increasing rural employment and help the farming sector grow and alleviate poverty. The principal natural resources that are required for farming are arable land and water, and Pakistan has got plenty of both. This sector accounts for approximately 20% of the country’s economy and employs about 42.3% of the labor force. The most agricultural province of Pakistan is Punjab, where wheat and cotton are most grown. 

At Shafi Gluco Chem, we believe that our farmers are the backbone of the economy and an integral part of our supply chain process. We consider training and development a necessary aspect for sustainable agricultural development. As a part of this training program, we have introduced the Kisaan Khushaal (Farmer Prosperity) Program that focuses on the nurturing and development of our farmers and their families.

Through this program, we encourage our farmers to involve in sustainable farming while considering their social responsibilities towards their work and living conditions, the requirement of rural communities, and consumer health and safety both in the present and the future. Some of the notable activities of the program include:

Training to improve farming techniques

The modern techniques have been introduced to the farmers to maximize production and to achieve the perfect balance of hereditary to increase crop yield and profitability while conserving the natural resources.

Shifting Towards Organic

Organic farming is always our top priority when it comes to quality crops, and we encourage our farmers to cultivate organic rice.  

Application of organic fertilizer

With the help of our expert on-field trainers, we have organized training sessions quite often to emphasize the importance of the application of organic fertilizer, which is an integral part of the farming process. The training session help farmers learn the quantity with the right frequency to use along with the application techniques to achieve maximum yield.  

Providing access to organic fertilizer

We lined up fertilizer suppliers that adhere to strict quality control standards, making it easy for the farmers to produce organic fertilizer for the crops.

Helping farmers make their own fertilizer

The training sessions help farmers to produce their own fertilizer using a manure or fish base. This helped them feel accomplished and opens up an opportunity to utilize their own resources to maximum potential. 

Using renewable resources to generate power

Solar panels were installed for each house to conserve resources and provide uninterrupted power to local villages.

Provision of clean water

Clean and drinkable water is the basic necessity of life for everyone. We helped our people to have plenty of it by installing filtration plants in the local villages.

Promoting education

As education is a primary factor for any nation to grow and paves the way forward. Considering its importance, we encourage children to work harder in school and to motivate them, stationary supplies and bags were distributed among them in an effort to increase their morale. 


According to the UNDP report, the growth rate of the population in Pakistan is 2% per year, and with the rapid growth, the basic needs are also increasing. The agriculture sector is playing a vital role in the development of Pakistan by providing food for the massive population as well as promoting economic growth. Shafi Gluco Chem is taking its utmost initiatives to maximize the yields while working for the farmers’ well-being and economic sustainability.