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It is mushy, sticky, sweet and yummy;it is Brown Rice syrup. Brown Rice syrup of the premium quality are manufactured only by the Shafi Gluco Chem in Pakistan and are supplied to many different nationalities all over the world to provide them with healthy, nutritious and flavourful syrup that could be used by all age’s groups all over the world in various desserts, ice creams, biscuits, yogurts, sauces, and honey substitutes. Currently they are the best brown rice syrup suppliers all over the world specifically in the USA. To ensure that the quality is maintained all the time, ShafiGlucoChem has appointed the best Starch Sweetener Team from Germany. This team is providing guidance, innovations and technical expertise to provide quality brown rice syrups full of proteins to all our potential clients globally.

Brown rice syrups are also being utilized by many renowned manufacturing industries in the preparation of baby foods as they are infant-safe, cosmetics, bakery snacks items and confectionery and other fruit based preparations and drinks. The lightly sweet, golden coloured smooth brown rice syrup is the alternative for those people who are extremely conscious of their sugar intake. Brown rice syrup produced by Shafi Gluco Chem Company that is the best brown rice syrup supplier in the USA is a nutritive sweetener that is equally tasty when compared to the conventional crystal sugar. Brown rice syrup is the perfect substitute of the traditional sugars, corn syrup, honey, molasses and maple syrup. To augment the flavour 1.25 cup of the brown rice syrup produces equivalent sweetness when 1 cup of sugar in used in any recipe that accounts for 0.25 cup less of any liquid that goes into the same recipe.