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Rice Milk – Best Milk Choice for Athletes


Back in the day when you drank a glass of milk, you knew it came from a cow. Today? The dairy and beverage aisles are home to much more than plain old cow’s milk. You’ve got “milk” beverages made from rice. Oftentimes, rice milk is consumed by athletes, people trying […]

by BlogFebruary 15 2021 rice milk for athletes 10 Benefits of Rice Milk and its Nutritional Value


Nothing beats a steaming cup of coffee in the morning with milk. But with more and more people suffering from lactose intolerance and a growing trend of vegan diet due to moral reasons, milk alternatives are becoming increasingly popular. While you may have heard of soy milk, almond milk, and […]

by BlogFebruary 11 2021 benefits of rice milk Rice Milk v Soy Milk v Almond Milk: Brief Comparison


Non-dairy or plant-based milk alternatives are becoming quite popular, largely due to milk allergies, lactose intolerance, or ethical concerns. If you are also planning to go dairy-free, then you are in luck because of a wide variety of substitutes available in the market. All these options provide you with plenty […]

by BlogFebruary 5 2021 Rice Milk v Soy Milk v Almond Milk Benefits of Rice Milk


Not too long ago, when we heard the word ‘milk’, the first thing that popped into our minds was cow or perhaps goat milk. But recently we’ve seen the rise of a variety of milk variants and substitutes. Currently, with the rise in veganism, healthy diet plans and to cater […]

by BlogMay 8 2019