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Tapioca Syrup solids vs Corn and Potato syrup solids. Why you should use tapioca syrup solids instead of the two.

Tapioca starch is derived from the Cassava roots, it can further be enzymatically processed to produce Tapioca syrup solid. The resulting product is a sweet tasting pale coloured powder almost similar to Corn syrup solids or maltodextrins in its properties. Corn syrup solids are also produced by hydrolysing corn starch followed by filtering and carbon treating it to produce a white powdered product. Tapioca, Corn and Potato syrup solids are usually used as additives in baked goods, beverages, tablets, spices and sports and nutritional products.

Corn and Potato syrup solids are dried forms of their respective syrups which have been substituted in items where syrups cannot be added such as milk formulas. These are long chains of glucose which are sources of carbohydrates and power houses of energy. In the recent year’s consumers have begun to research increasingly on the food items they buy, and the specific ingredients being added. One such ingredient has been syrup solids. In terms of their nutritional benefits Tapioca is more beneficial than Corn and Potato syrup solids as it contains a higher percentage of minerals and calcium. Tapioca is a non-genetically modified source of syrup solids which has been gaining increasing popularity due it being pure and natural.


As compared to Corn and Potato syrup solids Tapioca syrup solids have shown to be better substitutes in the food industry. Due to Tapioca being a low calorie, sugar and high satiety option it has become the more sought option widely. Even though Corn and Potato syrup solids can be used interchangeably in specific food items the availability of Tapioca syrup solids in multiple variants are being opted for more.