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Need help developing your product? Get one of our free samples and start right away!

Need help developing your product? Get one of our free samples and start right away!

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A quite commonly used food additive, Tapioca Maltodextrins is procured by putting tapioca starch through a partial hydrolysis. Maltodextrins are sweeteners in function while also enhancing body and mouthfeel without influencing too much of your taste. They are also known for their bulking properties and work as fine bulking agents. Spices, sweeteners, and medicines have strong flavor-binding because of these Maltodextrins only.


Tapioca Maltodextrins at Shafi Gluco Chem comes in four different categories. Each with properties similar in type yet different in proportion. Some of the most important properties are Dextrose Equivalency, carbohydrate-content, glucose quantity, Maltose quantity, presence of other carbohydrates, dry solid content, moisture and pH, and gluten content.

For a detailed analysis, go here.


Tapioca Maltodextrin, Shafi Gluco Chem’s Tapioca Maltodextrin in particular, has a number of applications. It is used in the manufacture of energy shots for athletes and general users. Energy drinks, on the other hand, are also made using maltodextrins. Non-dairy frozen treats, in particular, use maltodextrins as well for very specific processes. This ingredient is also used in the carrying of flavor in spices and for giving shape to solid medicines and tablets.

Moreover, powdered beverages, those that are made with water by the end consumer, are also made from Maltodextrins. Sauce consistency is impossible to achieve without tapioca maltodextrins. So is the spiciness in condiments. Beers, lagers, baked goods, and desserts as well use a certain amount of tapioca maltodextrins in their composition or it is used alongside them.  


Shafi Gluco Chem’s Tapioca Maltodextrins is, not too unlike any other maltodextrins, is known for its digestibility and is often referred as an alternative medication to the obese and those with gastrointestinal disorders. Our Maltodextrin is allergen-free and certified vegan/non-GMO. For those with religious preferences, our Maltodextrin is both Halal and Kosher. It is also available in multiple variants.

Most of our Maltodextrins’ benefits are yieldable when in powder/solid form. It has the property to prevent water and oil from separating. Multiple bases can be made for a number of spreads, oils, and fruit stabilizers when Tapioca is mixed with oil. Also, because Tapiocas are certified allergen-less and non-GMO, they make an excellent applicator for infant-grade products. Our tapiocas have other, much coveted properties such as improving mouthfeel, texture, stabilizing a gone-awry product. Their structure is adaptable to be sprayed with emulsifiers, fortifiers, and a wide array of flavors.


Apart from all the applications and the benefits mentioned above, why you should be using Tapioca Maltodextrin is substitutability. What you will find in different places and in different ingredients, you can find in Tapioca Maltodextrin all at once.


The when, obviously, is pretty evident. The when not, however, is something that needs work. For starters, Maltodextrin does not bode well with diabetics. It has a too-high glycemic index than table sugar. Meaning, a maltodextrin intake could cause a fatal spike in your blood sugar levels.

Digestion is made more reliable and efficient through certain gut bacteria present in one’s digestive system. These help in the meandering of the food taken in and its quickest digestion. Maltodextrin is known to reduce this bacterium in numbers. Not all bacteria help, however, and some of them are harmful to the human body. Like Salmonella. Research has shown that an increase in maltodextrin consumption brings about an increase in Salmonella in your body.  

Sometimes, if you are under certain medication, maltodextrin consumption may cause skin reactions that you normally would not experience.


Tapioca maltodextrin has numerous benefits and applications. It is used more in the culinary manufacturing domain than anywhere else. However, you need to know when and where you should use it and whether you need it at all.

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